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About Us

For over 22 years the Scanlaser group of companies have built a well deserved reputation throughout Scandinavia and Poland as the provider of choice for machine control solutions based on their closeness to the customer, the knowledge of their needs and the trust that this generates.  Since it's acquisition by the Hexagon group in 2006, Scanlaser has become the dedicated sales and distribution channel for the Hexagon Machine Control Division's activities, delivering a complete solution from initial evaluation and consultation, through installation, service and support.

Scanlaser is now established through Europe bringing their specialised and experienced teams closer to you.  Scanlaser companies are dedicated to providing a "best in class" service ensuring that they deliver the right solution to your specific needs in the construction market.

Hexagon Machine Control Division - a world leader in technical innovtion and the power behind Scanlaser

This is Hexagon

Hexagon  is a leading, global provider of 3D solutions to design, measure and position objects, and to process and present data. The measurement systems measure with great precision and rapidly provide access to large amounts of complex data that is being visualised via engineering and geospatial software.

For the customer, this means greater efficiency and productivity, improved quality, significant material and cost savings in the production process and the possibility to make better, faster operational decisions.

Hexagon has more than 11 000 employees in 42 countries and net sales of about 20 000 MSEK. The Hexagon sales target for year 2011 is 20 000 MSEK to be achieved by organic growth and acquisitions. The Hexagon EBIT margin target for year 2011 is 20 per cent.

Hexagon's vision is to be a market leader, ranking number one or number two, in each strategic business in order to generate growth and shareholder value.

Hexagon's strategy is to be the most cost-efficient and innovative supplier, have the best management skills in the business and short and rapid decision processes.
Hexagon's class B share is quoted among Large Cap companies on OMX Nordic Exchange and has a secondary listing on the SWX Swiss Exchange.

Hexagon's brand portfolio comprises strong brands that are well known in their sectors. Each brand represents a strong tradition in its geographical region and sector, which is why Hexagon uses different brands for different customer groups or in different markets.

Hexagon AB
Lilla Bantorget 15
P.O Box 3692
SE-103 59 Stockholm