Excavator Mounted Cable Avoidance Tool

EZiDIG uses market standard buried service location technology to locate buried metallic services during excavation. By providing a real time warning of the presence of a buried metallic service, EZiDIG works with the operator rather than against the workflow, keeping him alert to localised threats. In this way both safety and productivity are maximised.

EZiDIG Video Demonstration

The Basics

What is EZiDIG?

The EZiDIG System provides a continuously updated warning of the presence of electromagnetic signals commonly carried on buried metallic services. The sensor unit uses proven location technology which alerts the operator to the localised threats of service and asset damage and of personal injury.


System Features


  • Robust sensor design – mounts directly to the excavator dipper arm with high strength magnets. Perfect for transferable from machine-to-machine.
  • Scans for POWER, RADIO and GENERATED Signals (8-33 kHz) simultaneously.
  • Provides audio and visual feedback on the location of buried services directly to the excavator operator on a full colour 4” display panel.
  • Rugged component and cabling design – built specifically for the harsh construction environment.
  • Fast & easy removal of components for overnight security.
  • Simple & intuitive user interface – allows users to become confident and highly productive quicker.
  • Compatible with most make and models of excavators on the market ranging from 1 – 15tonnes in size.


EZiDIG's protection zone surrounds the excavator bucket, preventing cable strikes

Safeguarding Excavation

EZiDIG offers a huge benefit to operator safety, reduces the risk of project downtime and is set to become an essential addition to any excavator in an urban or developed environment. It adds a crucial, previously missing level of safety to every excavation project. This new system scans the area continuously during excavation, significantly reducing the risk to excavator operators and leaving them in control of their own work environment.


Immediate Benefits


  • Robust sensor design – mounts directly to the excavator dipper arm with high strength magnets. Perfect for transferable from machine-to-machine.  
  • Real-time warning to the presence of hazardous services, keeping operators aware of the dangers lurking beneath ground.
  • Reduce costly and dangerous cable strikes.
  • Tangibly demonstrate your company’s commitment to site safety.
  • Protect your machinery and staff during excavation projects.
  • Increase machine productivity by reducing downtime.


    EZiDIG Contents


    EZiDIG comprises of:

    1x EZiDIG Machine Mounted Sensor
    1x EZiDIG Full Colour, In-cab Display Screen
    1x Power Box
    1x Signal Generator System
    1x EZiDIG Installation Kit
    1x User Manual
    1x Rugged Carry Case

    EZiDIG is supplied with a step by step installation guide and is easy to install and remove from your excavator. Even so we will be on site to help you with your initial set up to ensure you get the maximum possible benefit from your new equipment and to guarantee someone is on hand to answer any questions you have.